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The Pannonian Avars: History Documentary. The Avar Khaganate, full documentary: The Avars

Europeans destroyed Avaria in AD 807, but Hungarians in Pressburg total destroyed the paneuropeans in AD 907, and gave back the hunnic dominance to the basin...

Warrior with captive, from a golden ewer of the Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós. There is no agreement as to whether he represents an Avar, a Bulgar or a Khazar warrior.

The Pannonian Avars /ˈævɑrz/ were a group of Eurasian nomads of the early Middle Ages of uncertain origins, who established the Avar Khaganate, which spanned the Pannonian Basin and considerable areas of Central and Eastern Europe from the late 6th to the early 9th century. They were ruled by a khagan, who led a tight-knit entourage of professional warriors.

Although the name Avar first appeared in the mid-5th century, the Pannonian Avars entered the historical scene in the mid-6th century, having formed as a mixed band of warriors in the Pontic-Caspian steppe who wished to escape the rule of the Göktürks who called them "Pseudo-Avars" and Varchonites.

Avar linguistic affiliation is uncertain and may be tentatively deduced from a variety of sources, betraying a variety of languages spoken by ruling and subject clans. Proposals by scholars include Oghur Turkic, Tungusic, Caucasian, Mongolic and Iranian.However, over time, Proto-Slavic became the lingua franca of the Avar Khaganate.
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