Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Was Jesus a Buddhist Monk? BBC Documentary, full documentary

The most famous of the surviving Byzantine mosaics, Hagia Sophia in Constantinople – the image of Christ Pantocrator

Was Jesus a Buddhist? As the Buddhist-Christian Studies, Annual 2005 by James M. Hanson pointed out: "Certainly He was many things--Jew, prophet, healer, moralist, revolutionary, by his own admission the Messiah, and for most Christians the Son of God and redeemer of their sins. And there is convincing evidence that he was also a Buddhist..."
It is unknown whether Jesus did actually travel to India, however we can certainly see that many of spiritual teachings of Christianity are likely to have descended from Eastern cultures, possibly from India. An intriguing and ground-breaking documentary from the BBC investigates...

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  1. no....christ was NOT a buddhist. his whole preaching and teaching campaign was devoted to the coming of his father's kingdom and giving a foreglimpse of what he will do for man during his millennial reign after armageddon, through the various miracles he performed. his other objective was to get a body of apostles assembled to carry on his teaching work after he returned to heaven to present the value of his blood to his father and restore what adam had lost. he did not preach the cyclical rebirth of samsara, which is the primary buddhist teaching, or that man even had an immortal soul in the first place! when he spoke of death, he spoke of it as sleep and resurrection as waking them up. not that he was bringing their soul from some afterlife to put back in their body. this whole investigation is a bunch of heretical nonsense.